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World Jousting Championships

July 14, 2001, Orangeville, Ontario

There were three separate divisions in the Jousting tournament:

The Games:

There were three games that the riders participated in.

The riders also participated in a "gauntlet", in which they had a fixed amount of time to do all three of the above games.

Light Armoured Jousting:

In the Light division, the knights wore various sorts of armour chain mail, coats-of-plates, etc., carried shields, and used heavy lances. They attempted to strike each other in the shield (and were required to present their shield to be struck). Points were scored based on how well the shield was struck. Unhorsings are very uncommon in this division.

Heavy Armoured Jousting:

In the Heavy division, the knights wore full plate harness. A shield-shaped piece of armour was attached to their left shoulder this was the target. The lances were much lighter, with a brass cap on the end, and a pennant about a foot down the shaft.

The scoring system was based on one created by Henry VIII:

  • 1 point for a touch
  • 3 points for a broken lance tip (broken above the pennant)
  • 5 points for a shattered lance (broken or split below the pennant)
  • 8 points for unhorsing your opponent (this happened twice in the afternoon)

    The foot combat pictures are from a demonstration by AEMMA (The Academy for European Medieval Martial Arts).

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